Why Strength Builders

Is your organization creating the lasting impact you want in your community?

Most of us became involved with Community Benefit Organizations (nonprofits) to make a difference. We saw:

• A need that wasn’t being met
• An opportunity to enrich our community’s culture
• A way to give back

If your organizations isn’t creating the kind of impact that you had hoped, or you are ready to take it to the next level, now is the time to call StrengthBuilders LLC!


StrengthBuilders LLC provides a variety of services including:

• Vision development and Community Impact Planning
• Board development
• Transition Management and Succession Planning
• Organizational reviews
• Confidential coaching for new and current Executive Directors
• Community engagement plans

StrengthBuilders LLC is your partner in creating the healthy, vibrant community you envision

Starting with your vision, mission and values, the consulting process helps your organization assess its strengths, look to the future and create a plan to take you there. The path you choose, and the steps you will take are determined by your board and staff with the aid of a skilled facilitator.

StrengthBuilders LLC meets you where you are

Your organization may be newly formed or a well known community resource. You may be all volunteer or have a large paid staff. Your board may be hands-on, doing much of the work, transitioning to more of a policy role or primarily involved in governance. StrengthBuilders LLC can help you evaluate your particular needs and identify the services that will best fit those needs.

StrengthBuilders LLC provides you what you need

Many small to mid-sized organizations want to do more for their clients and for their community. Engaging the knowledge, skill and experience of a Community Benefit consultant provides you the expertise you need to reach those goals.